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Friday, 02 June 2017 13:18

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Ask how you can work with me and let me help promote your location, event or cause.


I can assist with developing a Social Media Campaign that can increase exposure and draw people towards your event or location.


Some of the organizations that I assist with promoting currently:


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Thursday, 29 November 2001 19:00

About Me

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Hi! I’m Milford.

If you love Travel, all things Disney, Food and Home Brewed and Craft Beers and Technology you are in the right place!


You can connect with me on all of the below Social Methods:


What You’ll Find On My Site

Here on “Milford on the Move!” you will find articles about my “Disney Travel”. I will also share different eateries and breweries here in Indiana and wherever I may be traveling.  I live in the Indianapolis Indiana region and we get out a lot to experience the "Hoosier Experience"!

So I mentioned Disney, my wife (Shawn) and I are huge Disney Nerd's and we travel to Disney a few times a year to experience everything that is new there.  On the plate this year is a 7 day Wedding trip to Disney's Aulani Resort, a few days stay at Disneyland and a trip to Walt Disney World for Epcots 35th Anniversary in September along with the MouseRants "Rum Springer" Podcast weekend event.

What You Won’t Find On My Site

I'm here to talk about my experiences with the different places that we travel, these are the experiences as my wife and I have them.  They are in no way an indication of the experience that you will have with the same venue or trip.  I am willing to hear from anyone about your experience but please understand that what I write about here is my own view of these exeperiences.

Are you still interested?

This is probably as good as place of any to tell you a little bit about myself and why I blog.

I am born and raised here in Good old Indiana, I have lived in several places in Indiana but never outside of the state, I have visited 50 states (now that I just got back from Hawaii) of this great country.  I have two degrees in IT (Bachelors and Masters) from UOP and AUI respectively.  I do have a full time job working for FCA Group (Formerly Chrysler Group) and I work in the Information Technology departments there in the Kokomo Indiana / Tipton Indiana Area.  

So some ask why I started this blog.  Well I really like to talk and really like to write,  so I figured I would write about our travel experiences and other things of importance.  With the hope that I can turn this into a job for when I retire and maybe get a few things for free (Trips, Dinners, Endorsements, etc).  For full disclosure I am also a home based Travel Agent (with Key to the World Travel) and specialize in booking Disney World, Disney Land, Disney Cruise Line and Universal trips for my clients.

I am also the Producer for a Disney Podcast called The Dis Explorers ( Click here for that site! )

So want to have some fun? Stick around and see where our travels take us.

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Friday, 19 May 2017 13:40 Written by


Hello, my name is Milford Hutsell.  I am a Travel Agent with Key to the World Travel®, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner and I also host this blog as well as being producer for several Podcasts both Disney related and Technology related.

I took my first trip in November of 1998 after my wife convinced me along with my two daughters that we should take a trip to Walt Disney World.  I had no idea what to expect, I knew it was going to be awesome but had no idea how awesome it would be.  Our first stop on our first day was to go to the newest park in Walt Disney World ®, Animal Kingdom ®.  Walking in for the first time and seeing that giant Tree of Life in the center of the park was amazing.  Our trip ended with a day in the Magic Kingdom ®, seeing the Castle for the first time and hearing the music playing and the smell of popcorn and the scents from the Bakery on Main street are all the amazing things I remember from that vacation.

So after that trip I was hooked, we soon purchased an interest in Disney Vacation Club and have been making trips to the world at least annually ever since.  I can't get enough of Disney in my life, so in 2008 we started taking cruises on the Disney Cruise Line ®.  I thought that Walt Disney World ® was awesome, wait till you can take a cruise upon one of these fantastic ships.  I was so relaxed hanging out at the Adult Pool in The Cove.  Seeing the amazing shows in the Walt Disney Theatre ®.  We were again hooked and we have now been on several Disney Cruises.

A family vacation is all about creating lifelong memories, and I believe every family deserves an amazing vacation experience, created especially for them. As a Disney College of Knowledge graduate, I will help you create the perfect magical experience for you and your family with the same special care and attention I have given my own. There are so many options available – accommodations, dining, tours, activities – and I will work with you to tailor each to fit your family’s needs and desires. I can handle every detail, from dining reservations to day-to-day itineraries, and take the stress out of planning so you can just enjoy your vacation!  So whether your idea of a dream Disney vacation is a theme park, cruise, a beach in Hawaii or even an adventure somewhere else in the world, I can help make any of your vacation fantasies come true.

My number one goal is to help you to create a one of a kind trip, full of magical memories and tons of family fun. So, contact me today and let’s start planning your dream vacation.  I especially enjoy helping large groups plan things like cruises.  I have experience with booking large groups of people.

Travel is my passion.  I have traveled extensively in the United States, Bahamas and the Caribbean; I chose to specialize in Disney travel because I believe Disney provides a level of service and entertainment that no other destination can provide.  And while Disney is my specialty, Key to the World Travel®, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, is a full-service travel agency, so whether your happy place is a beach in the Caribbean, a city in Europe, a cruise to Hawaii, or a ski-lodge in South America, I can help make any of your vacation fantasies come true.  And remember, my planning services are included in the cost of your vacation – no hidden or extra fees!!

My goal is to help you to create a one of a kind trip, full of magical memories and tons of family fun.  So, eMail or Call me today and let’s start planning your dream vacation!

You can contact me about booking a vacation @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you want to get started in blogging you can visit my Web Development partner MaCH III Companies.

Disney Podcasts:  The Dis Explorers