Milford on the Move

Milford on the Move!

5 top things to booking a Disney Cruise Vacation!


  1. Book early, some of the best deals are when they are first announced.  Booking early gets you the best rate.
  2. Book with a Travel Agent – Booking with a travel agent is free.  if you book directly with Disney Cruise Line you are paying for a travel agent you arent getting to use.  Disney will not call you when better offers are available for your cruise, a good travel agent will keep track of your cruise and tell you if there is a better offer and many times just upgrade you.
  3. Get a passport, while you can travel without a passport on closed ended cruises from the United States, you should still have a passport.  If something happens medically, you miss the boat and have to fly back to the US, that Passport is very important.
  4. Prepare yourself to relax.  Disconnect from your technology while you are on vacation.  Other than to access the Disney Navigator App, leave your phone in Airplane mode and ignore work while you cruise.
  5. Be perpared to have fun!  Disney Cruise Line ships are full of activity and many excursions that you can take on and off the ship.


Do you need a Travel Agent to assist in your travels?  Consider following this link and clicking on Request a Quote LINK this will get you a no obligation quote and will connect you with me to assist you in booking your travel.

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