Disney Sports recently caught up with Atlanta Braves All-Star center fielder Ender Inciarte during a break from off-season workouts at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

Inciarte and the rest of his Braves teammates concluded their first full-squad spring training workout of the season on Feb. 19.  The speedy Inciarte is cautiously optimistic about his team’s chances in 2018 and hopes the season ends with Atlanta’s first trip to MLB’s postseason since 2013.

DS:  You are a Major League All-Star center fielder who trains here at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex with a bunch of NFL prospects preparing for the NFL Scouting Combine and the NFL Draft.  Why are you here?

EI: “The first thing I did last year when I was getting ready for the season was work on my body to get stronger.  I have a really good relationship with a lot of Major League Baseball players, and I started talking with Carlos Gonzalez.  He told me to come here [ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex] and try the workouts with coach Shaw for a couple of weeks.  He told me that if I liked it, I should stay until the end of the sessions.  When I got here, we worked really hard in the weight room, but then we started doing lots of conditioning work outside on the football fields and on the track.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that this was exactly the kind offseason training I needed to be participating in.”

DS:  Obviously, coach Shaw’s program paid immediate dividends.  You won your second National League Gold Glove award, had a career-best 201 hits and earned a spot on the 2017 National League All-Star team. 

EI: “That’s what I want to keep doing.  I don’t want to be a guy who takes two steps forward and one step back.  I want to keep getting better and know the work we put in here with coach Shaw at the sports complex helped me tremendously last year, so that’s why I train here.”

DS: The Braves play in the rugged National League East.  How realistic is it for you guys to be competitive in your division this season?

EI: “I think we have a really good shot to win a lot of games against our division opponents and win the division. At the end of year, we played a lot of games against division opponents, and we won a lot of those games, so I think we can challenge the Nationals for the NL East crown in 2018.  We’ve got a good shot, but the bottom line is that we’ve got to go out there and prove it.”

DS:  As a professional athlete, you’ve worked with a number of professional trainers.  What’s different about coach Shaw’s program?

EI: “I like the combination of all of the speed, core, strength and conditioning work that coach Shaw incorporates within his program.  You can work hard in the weight room, you can work hard on your core.  You can stretch a lot, and for a guy like me, I rely a lot on my speed.  I’ve got to be fast as a center fielder, and I know what I’ve been doing here is working. I’m stronger.  I feel better than I’ve ever felt during this point of the offseason, and I’ve never felt this fast at this point of the offseason, so the goal is to keep doing what I’ve been doing and stay healthy.”

DS: What’s the prognosis for the Braves this season?

EI: “Our new GM [Alex Anthopoulos] has been very aggressive.  He wants to put this team in position to win games.  I feel we’ve been in a rebuild mode for the past three years and now, you can see some of the moves we made start to come together.  We’ve got a lot of young players, but we have a lot of talent, too.  We’ve got a lot of good players coming up and we’ve got a lot of good players on the team, too.  We all believe that this year is going to be a lot better, and hopefully, we will be able to surprise a lot of people.”

Ender Inciarte At-A-Glance

MLB Debut – May 2, 2014 for the Arizona Diamondbacks

Inciarte joined the Atlanta Braves via trade from Arizona on December 9, 2015

Jersey number — #11

Batting Average — .295

Hits – 628

Hits in 2017 — 201

Home Runs – 24

Runs batted in – 158

Runs scored – 305

Stolen bases – 78

All-Star Appearance – (1) National League – 2017

Gold Glove Awards – (2) — 2016, 2017



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From the ignition of a lightsaber to the chirp of a porg, Star Wars would not be the same without the brilliant sound design and mixing created by Skywalker Sound. Tomorrow on Tuesday, February 20, the digital documentary series ABC News Features will explore the magic of Star Wars‘ aural inventions with “The Force of Sound,” a deep dive into Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘s sound design. Featuring new interviews with The Last Jedi writer-director Rian Johnson, supervising sound editor Matthew Wood, and many more of the talents at Lucasfilm and Skywalker Sound, it’s a fascinating, revealing look at what goes into developing the soundscape of a galaxy far, far away.

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“One of the big reasons I wanted to explore sound design is that, frankly, I think it’s under-appreciated by the general public,” ABC News correspondent Clayton Sandell tells StarWars.com. “I loved learning from Matthew Wood and Ren Klyce about how sound can convey feelings and emotions that even the visuals can’t. Sound alone can make a scene feel bigger than it is, or create a very intimate environment. Good sound, [visual effects innovator] John Knoll told me, adds a richness and believability to visual effects and help convince your brain that what you’re seeing is real. So we really wanted to pull the curtain back on the process and show Star Wars fans how it’s done.” Watch the trailer for the special report below.

Watch “The Force of Sound” online tomorrow at ABCNews.com/Features starting at 4 a.m. ET. A shorter version will also air on ABC’s Nightline.

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Now at Disney California Adventure park, guests can welcome the king of Wakanda! For this limited-time experience, Black Panther will arrive in the Hollywood Backlot area of the park flanked by his Royal Guards, the Dora Milaje.

Black Panther and Dora Milaje at Disney California Adventure Park

Marvel Studios’ record-breaking hit, “Black Panther” follows T’Challa who, after the death of his father, the King of Wakanda, returns home to the isolated, technologically advanced African nation to succeed to the throne and take his rightful place as king. But when a powerful old enemy reappears, T’Challa’s mettle as king — and Black Panther — is tested when he is drawn into a formidable conflict that puts the fate of Wakanda and the entire world at risk.

Black Panther and Dora Milaje at Disney California Adventure Park

Come encounter Black Panther now, only at Disney California Adventure park, along with more epic Super Hero experiences, including Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!, “Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Dance-Off!” and Heroic Encounter: Spider-Man and Captain America....

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Monday, 19 February 2018 11:00

Poll: Who Is the Most Evil Disney Villain?

Written by

Disney Villains each have their own special brand of wickedness that they’ve honed throughout their lives. But which of them is the most evil? And which of them takes the (poison apple) cake when it comes to pure villainy? It’s time to vote:

Did you vote “other”? Let us know who you picked and why you think they are the most evil Disney Villain in the comments!

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Disney Parks Blog

This month, our Disney Doodles series continues to take on a “couples” theme, with today’s doodle looking at what Bernard and Bianca from the 1977 film “The Rescuers” would do if they had a chance to visit Magic Kingdom Park.

According to her, they’d be up for a guest-favorite nighttime offering.

“The Electric Water Pageant Parade is one of my favorite nightly attractions at Walt Disney World,” Ashley said. “It’s easy to imagine lovebirds like Bernard and Bianca having a picnic and enjoying the parade!”...

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When the news broke that figure skaters are now allowed to use lyrical music in their competitive routines, we immediately began to imagine all of the amazing Disney songs they could use. Not that we already had full programs planned out and choreographed in our minds, but needless to say we were ready to head to the nearest ice rink and ask if anyone wanted help putting together a solid, memorable routine. So as we did with gymnastics floor routines, here are 10 Disney songs figure skaters should use for their routines:

  1. “Circle of Life” – The Lion King
    Rafiki lifting Simba in The Lion King.Let’s start with a bang, and by “bang” we mean the iconic song from the opening scene of The Lion King. Besides the obvious nostalgia factor to get the crowd going, we love the pace changes throughout, which include a strong start, softer instrumental, and then an explosive finale. It’s the perfect choice for someone who wants their free skate to convey emotion and grandeur.
  2. “Reflection” – Mulan
    Mulan singing Passionate, heartfelt, and simply gorgeous, “Reflection” is poetic, and thus probably best used in a free skate, which is the longer of the two skating routines in most figure skating competitions. We think this song would work really well with a heavily artistic routine because of the slower tempo and emotional context.
  3. “Zero to Hero” – Hercules
    The Muses singing If you want to leave an impression on the judges, look no further than this fun, upbeat number from one of our favorite ‘90s Disney films, Hercules. With its fast tempo, amusing lyrics, and perfect length, “Zero to Hero” has “short program” written all over it. Excuse us while we daydream of Adam Rippon executing the heck out of a series of technical jumps to this song.
  4. “Let It Go” – Frozen
    Elsa singing Were you afraid we were going leave out the most fitting Disney song to perform a figure skating routine to? Besides the obvious ice and winter connection, “Let It Go” is just a really great ballad that is sure to capture the attention of audience members and judges alike. Who wouldn’t be moved by a song that exhibits a wide range of emotions, such as poignant solitude, sassiness, and powerful confidence?
  5. “Just Around the Riverbend” – Pocahontas
    Pocahontas paddling a canoe while singing The obvious choice might be “Colors of the Wind,” but there’s something about “Just Around the Riverbend” that fits better, namely the tempo (you need something exciting to emphasize those incredible jumps) and the inspirational message. We can totally see Mirai Nagasu execute a triple axel right when Pocahontas sings, “I look once more just around the riverbend!”
  6. “Out There” – The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    Quasimodo hugging Hugo and Laverne while singing “Out There” is a special kind of song because it consists of two songs, “Stay In Here,” sung by Claude Frollo and Quasimodo, and “Out There,” sung solely by Quasimodo. We think a short program would do best by starting when Quasimodo sings “Safe behind these windows and these parapets of stone” because that’s when the music really starts to build. For the longer free skate, we would leave in the “Stay In Here” section for a well-rounded routine with contrast and moving instrumental transitions. Phew, that was a lot, but as you can probably tell, figure skating is very important to us.
  7. “A Whole New World” – Aladdin
    Jasmine and Aladdin flying on Magic Carpet while singing Do we really need to explain why this is the PERFECT pairs/ice dancing song to perform a routine to? It’s a duet, which plays into the whole pairs thing, and it’s sentimental while not being overly sappy.
  8. “I 2 I” – A Goofy Movie
    Powerline singing Now this is the kind of song that has the potential to really get the crowd excited. We imagine a routine with fun hand gestures at the beginning (gotta get those artistic points), and then maybe a triple loop-triple lutz combination at the chorus, followed by some really fast spins.
  9. “Be Our Guest” and “Beauty and the Beast” – Beauty and the Beast
    Belle and Beast dancing.“Be Our Guest” and “Beauty and the Beast” are very different songs, but through the magic of Alan Menken and Howard Ashman, they ultimately work well together. The more lively of the two, “Be Our Guest,” is the perfect Disney song to start off a figure skating routine. It’ll get the crowd up on their feet and clapping along to the bouncy beat. We’d then suggest transitioning to “Beauty and the Beast,” as this song will bring the emotion needed to win the judges over. Also, it’s a great musical choice to accompany an arabesque spiral, which is when the figure skater glides on one leg while lifting the other leg high in the air. Again, we are obsessed with figure skating.
  10. A Newsies Medley
    Newsies-Santa-FeOkay, we’ve thought a lot about this and here is how we’d put it together:
    Obviously, you’ve gotta start with the opening of “Seize the Day.” The performance would be subtle at first, but once the tempo starts to pick up, that’s when we’d throw in a fun step sequence involving the toe pick, which would resemble the newsboys when they perform their jig. From there, “King of New York” would be another upbeat song to use for some spirals and jumps, before concluding with “Santa Fe,” of course.

Which Disney songs would you choose to skate to? Let us know in the comments.

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Saturday, 17 February 2018 11:00

: What Color Are These Disney Characters’ Eyes?

Written by

After a lifetime of watching Disney movies, your favorite Disney characters inevitably end up feeling like your friends. You know their hopes, their aspirations, and their flaws. But how well do you know the color of their eyes? This quiz is here to test your memory of exactly that.

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Disney Parks Blog

It’s official! Disney’s Hollywood Studios will welcome guests to the highly anticipated Toy Story Land starting June 30, 2018!

The opening date announcement was made live on “Good Morning America” on Friday, with a Slinky Dog attraction vehicle making its way into the Times Square studio in the early morning hours to be present for the big news. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how we made the announcement.

This week we also shared a look at what will be the new entrance to Toy Story Mania! Attraction (see image at the top). Once it opens, guests will walk through a new carnival game box to experience Toy Story Mania! Now expanded with a third track, the popular attraction will put even more guests in the action taking aim at 3D objects – using everything from baseballs to cream pies – in a variety of whimsical, fast-paced games....

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Descendants fans, it’s time to celebrate. Disney Channel just announced that Descendants 3 has been greenlit, and it will be here in Summer of 2019! We received this news during a programming event for Disney Channel’s Zombies and we could not be more excited. Take a look at the epic teaser and our VK friend Mal:

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Descendants 3 | Coming in Summer 2019!

Attention Disney Descendants fans! Descendants 3 is coming in summer 2019! ??✨

Posted by Oh My Disney on Friday, February 16, 2018

We are very intrigued. It sounds like a new villain character is going to join the VKs, and that it’s Mal’s dad! We have not been this excited since we heard about Harry Hook.

Descendants 3 will begin production in Vancouver, Canada this summer for next year’s debut. Reprising their roles are: Dove Cameron as Mal, Cameron Boyce as Carlos, Sofia Carson as Evie, Booboo Stewart as Jay, Mitchell Hope as King Ben and China Anne McClain as Uma. Also known as our fave VKs. Additional casting for Descendants 3 will be announced at a later date, and we can’t wait to find out more!

Until then, we’ll be chillin’ like a villain. And counting the days until Descendants 3.

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Entertainment Weekly took us inside Solo: A Star Wars Story, and now they’re blowing the blast doors on the books and comics related to the film. The lineup looks scoundrel-riffic (which should totally be a word): a Han and Lando novel, a new Lando miniseries from Marvel, and tons more. Punch it, and check out covers and descriptions below.


Star Wars: Last Shot by Daniel José Older
Price: $28.99
On Sale: 4/17/18

In a story spans the decades, from a time before Han and Lando ever met, to a time after the destruction of the Empire, Star Wars: Last Shot features the two biggest scoundrels in the New Republic on their most dangerous adventure yet.

The Empire has been destroyed and smuggler-turned-war hero Han Solo is trying to adjust to domestic bliss with his wife Leia and young son, Ben. Enter Lando Calrissian, who needs Han’s help or all life on Cloud City will be annihilated. Lando is being hunted by a gangster known as Fyzen Gor, and to no one’s surprise, it’s actually Han’s fault. Not long after Han met Chewie and completed the Kessel Run, he and Sana Starros cheated Gor out of getting his hands on a mysterious device. But Gor only knows the culprit was the owner of the Millennium Falcon: Lando Calrissian. In the present, Han and Lando must put together a team, including everyone’s favorite Wookiee, to put a stop to Gor and his nefarious plans. Along the way Lando will realize that he has his own connection to the device, one that goes all the way back to his own days flying the Falcon with the droid L3-37.

Star Wars: Last Shot takes place in three time periods: when Lando owned the Falcon; shortly after Han takes ownership of the Falcon; and not long after the Battle of Endor. And only secrets from all three time periods will help our heroes put a stop to a new threat to the galaxy!

Star Wars: Most Wanted by Rae Carson
Price: $17.99
On Sale: 5/25/18

Han and Qi’ra don’t have a lot in common other than not having a lot. They’re street kids on the industrial planet of Corellia, doing whatever it takes to get by, dreaming of something more. They each jump at a chance to prove themselves in the perilous world of Corellia’s criminal underbelly, only to discover they are on the same mission for the same unscrupulous boss. When the job goes disastrously wrong, Han and Qi’ra are on the run–from pirates, a droid crime syndicate, the Empire, and their boss—and will have to learn to trust each other if they have any chance of surviving.

Star Wars: Lando: Double or Nothing 5-issue miniseries by Rodney Barnes (writer) and Paolo Villanelli (artist)
Price: $4.99
Issue #1 On Sale: 5/29/18

When a beautiful crime lord commissions the galaxy’s most talented smuggler to help free her people enslaved by the Empire, Lando Calrissian must wager it all on an impossible mission fraught with danger. Set just prior to the events of Solo: A Star Wars Story, our charming scoundrel must face Imperial forces with the help of his ship the Millennium Falcon in a deadly race against time. But even with the deck stacked against him, Lando can’t help playing the odds.


Star Wars: The Mighty Chewbacca in the Forest of Fear! by Tom Angleberger (writer) and Andie Tong (artist)
Price: $13.99
On Sale: 5/25/18

When Chewbacca finds out that a job he thought was simply ferrying a ship full of tooka cats is actually much more dangerous, he’s excited to have something to do! But when he, a young bounty hunter librarian, and a droll cargo droid—whose real name, unbeknownst to the others, is K-2SO—land in the middle of a blue forest that seems to emit a fear-causing mist, Chewie realizes this job might be a bit too dangerous for his liking. He and his new friends will fight snarlers and sniffers and their own fears as they try to recover a sacred book—and save Han Solo in the process!

Star Wars: Chewie and the Courageous Kid
Price: $4.99
On Sale: 4/17/18

A Wookiee is a girl’s best friend! When Chewbacca meets young Zarro on an Outer Rim planet, he has no choice but to set aside his own mission to help her rescue her father from a dangerous mine.

Star Wars: Choose Your Destiny: A Han & Chewie Adventure by Cavan Scott (writer) and Elsa Charretier (artist)
Price: $5.99
On Sale: 4/17/18

Jump inside the Millennium Falcon and help Han and Chewie as they journey across the galaxy on a simple smuggling job. But nothing is ever simple with Han Solo, and when things go wrong, Han pretends to be Jabba the Hutt to save himself, Chewie, and the Millennium Falcon. And that’s when things go from bad to worse! With over twenty possible outcomes, readers will have to think like a true smuggler to keep Han and Chewie safe from Imperial TIE fighters, Mandalorian mercenaries, and so much more! With so many different story paths, the adventures never end!

Star Wars: I am a Wookiee Little Golden Book
Price: $4.99
On Sale: 4/24/18

A 24-page illustrated Little Golden Book that celebrates everyone’s favorite fuzzball, Chewbacca the Wookiee!

Solo: A Star Wars Story: Meet the Crew: Level 2 Reader with Stickers by Ella Patrick
Price: $4.99
On Sale: 5/25/18

Meet Han, Chewie, Lando, Qi’ra and the rest of the crew from Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Solo: A Star Wars Story: Train Heist by Ella Patrick 
Price: $5.99
On Sale: 5/25/18

Han Solo and Chewbacca the Wookiee must team-up for a daring train heist on the planet Vandor!

Star Wars Adventures Free Comic Book Day Issue by Cavan Scott (writer) and Derek Charm (artist)
Price: Free
On Sale: 5/5/18

Han Solo thinks he has an easy smuggling job—until bounty hunters Zuckuss and 4-LOM arrive with their sights set on Han’s cargo—and Han. But Han just might have a trick or two up his sleeve to save himself and finish the job.

TM.Ads.addNativeAd( "native-ad-tK6v3EMJe7jiRZTFWhFHWHUU" , "tK6v3EMJe7jiRZTFWhFHWHUU" );

Star Wars Adventures #10 by Cavan Scott (writer) and Derek Charm (artist)
Price: $3.99
On Sale: May 2018

“Powered Down” Part 1 of 2. Han and Chewie are on the run from bounty hunters and take refuge on a planet that mysteriously shuts down all electronics. With no way off the planet, will our favorite scruffy duo be able to evade their pursuers and save themselves?

Star Wars Adventures #11 by Cavan Scott (writer) and Derek Charm (artist)
Price: $3.99
On Sale: June 2018

“Powered Down” Part 2 of 2. Han & Chewie must work together with bounty hunters Zuckuss and 4-LOM to battle a horde of insect-like droids before they’re all powered down—for good!


The Art of Solo: A Star Wars Story by Phil Szostak
Price $40.00
On Sale: 5/25/18

The Art of Solo: A Star Wars Story reveals, for the first time, the design evolution of each new fantastical set, otherworldly machine, and unforgettable character in the film. Packed with hundreds of spectacular images, including production paintings, concept art and sketches, storyboards, and matte paintings, The Art of Solo: A Star Wars Story is the definitive guide to the art of the film—and a must-have keepsake for fans.

Solo: A Star Wars Story The Official Guide by Pablo Hidalgo
Price: $21.99
On Sale: 5/25/18

This essential visual guide to Solo: A Star Wars Story explores the world of young Han Solo in unparalleled detail. An authoritative companion to the latest Star Wars movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story The Official Guide features the fascinating planets, vehicles, and aliens that Han Solo encounters on his early adventures. Explore key characters, locations and props in captivating detail with extensive production photography and see the iconic Millennium Falcon as its never been seen before, in an exclusive cross-section artwork by Richard Chasemore.

Solo: A Star Wars Story – The Official Collector’s Edition
Price: $19.99 (hc)/$10.99 (sc)
On-sale: 5/25/17

The collector’s guide to Solo: A Star Wars Story, featuring profiles on the characters, ships, and worlds from the new film!


The Moviemaking Magic of Star Wars: Creatures & Aliens by Mark Salisbury
Price: $29.99
On Sale: 5/25/18

Go behind-the-scenes of the biggest movie franchise of all time in this immersive and interactive book to see how favorite characters—Chewbacca, Yoda, Jabba and more—were created from concept to screen. This collectible book includes 20 special interactive elements, including six-page booklets, accordion folds, and flaps that reveal the magic behind the movie with concept sketches, molds, digital imagery and more! Includes creatures and aliens from all 10 Star Wars films from A New Hope to Solo: A Star Wars Story!

Solo: A Star Wars Story Ultimate Sticker Collection by Beth Davies
Price: $12.99
On Sale: 5/25/18

This fun Han Solo sticker book contains more than 1000 colorful stickers, and is full of Star Wars facts from the new movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story. Kids will love joining young Han aboard the Millennium Falcon for many thrilling adventures. Solo: A Star Wars Story Ultimate Sticker Collection is illustrated with action-packed images from the movie, accompanied by fun, easy-to-read reference text. Join the heroes and villains as they plan missions, explore new planets, perform daring escapes, and pilot superfast starships.

Solo: A Star Wars Story: Han on the Run (Level 2 DK Reader) by Beth Davies
Price: $4.99
On Sale: 5/25/18

Young readers will love this Han Solo book, packed with characters and adventures from the new Star Wars movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story. Discover the new heroes, villains, aliens, droids, and vehicles from the movie, plus fan-favorites Han, Chewie, Lando, and the Millennium Falcon. Improve your reading skills while learning about the world of young Han Solo. Solo: A Star Wars Story Han on the Run is a Level 2 Reader packed with fun facts for kids who are beginning to read. It is part of an innovative DK series of leveled reading books that combine a highly visual approach with engaging non-fiction narratives.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Sound Book by Erin Rose Wage
Price: $5.95
On Sale: 4/20/18

Adventure through the galaxy far, far away as Han Solo meets the friends and foes that will shape his destiny. Hear 7 exciting Star Wars sounds as you explore characters, vehicles, and more from Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Look & Find by Erin Rose Wage
Price: $6.95
On Sale: 5/25/18

Join Han Solo and his friends, old and new, as you search for hidden treasures – and dangers – in 8 beautifully illustrated scenes from Solo: A Star Wars Story. Then blast to the back of the book for even more Look & Find challenges.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Sticker Album
On Sale: 5/25/18

Discover more about your favorite characters from Solo: A Star Wars Story, as you read and place stickers in this amazing 32-page sticker album. Features 200 stickers from the new film!

Solo: A Star Wars Story Activity Book with Stickers
On Sale: 5/25/18

Blast off for adventure in the Millennium Falcon with Han Solo and Chewbacca, in this fun-packed activity book based on the new film, Solo: A Star Wars Story. With puzzles, games, fact files, and over 50 stickers!

Solo: A Star Wars Story Coloring Book
On Sale: 5/25/18

Meet the new heroes, villains, droids, and creatures in this coloring book based on the new film, Solo: A Star Wars Story.

StarWars.com. All Star Wars, all the time.

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