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The New Lion King Scentsy Collection Is Wildly Adorable

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Simba can’t wait to be your best pal with the new Lion King Scentsy Collection! Simba is the newest Scentsy Buddy to join the Disney Collection. The collection includes a Simba Scentsy Buddy, a Lion King inspired Scentsy bar, and a Scent Pak to release the wild side of fragrance.

Simba Scentsy Buddy

This beloved lion cub is small but mighty, and he’s ready to rule the kingdom! Each Simba Scentsy Buddy comes with a Scent Pak in the Circle of Life fragrance. You can capture the wild new Scentsy Buddy as a combo with the Scentsy bar, or by himself.

Circle of Life Scentsy Bar can be purchased as part of the Simba Scentsy Buddy combo! You can also purchase the scent separately as a scent pak! The Circle of Life fragrance has an air of golden amber that drifts over sandalwood, and a hint of vanilla mirrors the delicate balance of life. The Scenty Pak is now available here for just $7.50.


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The Lion King Scentsy Collection launched on July 10th, with these fun items, but it looks like some worry free friends will be joining the collection very soon too!

A very special thanks to our fan Alecia McCoy for the wonderful news about this collection! Check out her Scentsy page!

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