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Artist Reimagines Marvel Superheroes as Cats!

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Ever wondered what cats would look like as Marvel superheroes and supervillains, well now you can as Indonesian artist Fajareka Setiawan has created the most amazing art. Inspired by his love for Marvel and possibly his love for cats, it’s clear that with his insane talent this dream has become a reality! Through the immeasurable amount of time and skill Setiawan has re-created cats into famous Marvel characters from Cathanos to Catpool, what’s not to love?!

You can support the artist by following him on Instagram and DeviantArt, or check out his artistic portfolio here. He also has created DC cat superheroes and supervillains too, for more click here. Check out the Marvel superheroes cats below!

1. Cathanos

With one snap of his claws….

3. Cathanos
via: Fajarekas

2. Black-Kitteh

Fierce isn’t even the word…

5. Black-Kitteh
via: Fajarekas

3. Catpool

How many items have this kitty knocked off the side?

7. Catpool
via: Fajarekas

I think Setiawan is a superhero in his own right as he creates masterpieces like Marvel superheroes cats! Who’s your favourite Marvel superheroes cat?

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